Chairman Message

Since we revitalized our local party in January 2009, we have been very successful, not only in growing the Suwannee GOP and flipping the county to a RED COUNTY; but, we have made our presence known in the North Central Florida region ever since. Our REC has managed to change the face of the political process in Federal, State, and Local Government.

The 2020 Election Cycle is quickly approaching and as all true conservatives have come to realize the Republican Party and its platform are the last hope in preserving the Liberty and Freedoms of the great nation.

Although we have had much success in the last 10 years, nothing is guaranteed. It is just as important today, as it was in 2009 to continue the “fight” with the same passion and dedication each and every day as if it was our last chance in protecting our freedom…because it very well could be just that.

Please check out our website, read the platforms of the active political parties and then get involved!

Contact us as soon as you can if you want to be part of the power of the Red Wave!

Sherri Ortega – Chairman
Suwannee County Republican Executive Committee